Thomas McNicholas Photos

The above photo was taken from East Island (note the end-on view of La Perouse). The Coast Guard now had a Loran station on this island. The CG facility would be to the photographer's right and "Land's End" would be to the left. Note the fresh bulldozer tracks in the foreground.

Pictured above (l-r) is Thomas McNicholas, Airman 3rd Birkelback, and Jim Barnes. Mascot's name is unknown.

Jim Barnes and the station mascot.
Webmaster note: Looking at this photo has made me realize for the first time that these quonset huts were on the north side of the island. In later years, all structures were on the south side. Here's the evidence:
(1) On the right-hand side of the photo is shown a slightly raised area with vegetation. Since the entire north side of the island was bound by a seawall and filled with dredgings, there would be no vegetation on the north side with the island only 3 years old.
(2) 99.9% of all aircraft operations are conducted in a northeasterly direction. The antennas at the far end would have to be at the departure end of the runway (northeast). These are probably radiobeacons which assisted aircraft in finding the island. You would want an approaching aircraft to encounter the runway before hitting the tower.
(3) The most indisputable evidence is the direction of the jeep's shadow which is to the left. FFS sits just barely north of the tropic of Cancer which means that the shadows always fall in a slight northerly direction except at high noon on June 21 when it would fall straight down.

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