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Maryann and Amy

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Greetings, fellow web traveler. We hope that you came in peace and friendship and we thank you for stopping by. My friend, Jerry, named this page Cyber Salon because I am a licensed hair stylist. These days, however, I am more homemaker than hair stylist.

This page was created by my very dear friend, Jerry. His web page is Old Coasty. I plan to start learning html and make my own updates on this page now that I've recently bought a computer and become internet-wired.

Dudley at play
03-14-1994 - 11-19-1995
We love animals and we recently lost our beloved cat, Dudley, who was senselessly slain by a neighbor's child with a BB gun. I have a personal message for parents with children who use BB guns.

Let Dudley's death not be in vain. To all those parents who have or will buy their children pellet guns, please teach them the value of a life, be it human or animal and to respect a gun.

Children who hurt animals grow up to hurt people. So, please, always supervise your children when they handle their pellet guns and always keep your guns under lock and key. Although he is no longer suffering, we are still hurting over the senseless slaying of our one and only Dudley.

We will never forget you, Dudley. God bless those who read and take to heart our final dedication to our fabulous feline friend.

Maryann Anderson

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